Clever marketers create magic!

You get the type of mum who has this wonderful ability to make their children the most creative lunch boxes 365 days of the year.

Elsa creative lunch idea

I’m not one of them! 

One of the first marketing philosophies that you learn as a marketing student is that marketers must develop products & services that address the needs of the consumer.  My best description of this concept is, Todd Mooradian words “Where is the pain? Where is the magic?”.  Try to find the “pain” of the customers and then create the “MAGIC”!

One of my pains is my children’s lunch boxes. 5 days a week, times too many weeks = tedious job of packing lunch boxes.

And this is why I love new, clever products that address this need = THE MAGIC!

The latest that I view in my FB feed is the new Lancewood Cheese spread little containers.


How cute and perfect for a snack.  Another successful brand extension (an instance of using an established brand name or trademark on new products, so as to increase sales)  is the little cookies from Bakers.  So many of their successful brands are extended into a smaller version of the bigger packaging. CLEVER!!


Little bite size Eet-sum-Mor.  Perfect for a lunchbox!

Tennis biscuits

And these little baby tennis biscuits. I can do this!I

Thank you, Bakers marketers for this clever thinking.

BUT my favourite lunch box brand extension Olympic winners are the following:


Bronze medal


Ouma rusks

An old and popular South African favourite snack now available in individually wrapped single rusks. It received 9.5 out of 10 on the Home Testers Club.


Silver medal


Ultamel custard

This 250ml size mini containers are such a clever brand extension and I love to treat my son with one!

and in 1st place…drum roll + national anthem….

GOLD: (and Wayde, just because, what is a gold medal without Wayde)

Wayde medal


Pronutro bar

All the goodness of the original cereal in a bar. Perfect for lunch boxes.

What is your favourite brand extension and, or lunch box brand or product?

Speak soon.

Marketing love, Sandra

Trust the process

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