Consumers purchase products and services from brands that tell stories that entice them.

I agree 100% with the below statement:

Brands telling a story

Charlotte Tilbury (British make-up artist) tell stories to sell her skin and make-up range.

Charlotte Tillbury

She launched a new lipstick this week. A beautiful reddish lipstick, but still only a lipstick. Usually, the price point for lipsticks is between R65(budget brands) – R240 (MAC). This beauty, however, sells for R410 (£23.00).

HOW! Because Charlotte Tilbury is not selling a lipstick but a story.  The copy on her Facebook reads:

Introducing a very royal Matte Revolution lipstick in honour of The Queen, Britain’s longest reigning monarch…This lipstick empowers the leader in all of us, and every time you apply your Royal smile, you put your best foot forward in life, and channel our brilliant, beautiful Queen!

It sounds very unrealistic, but she will sell thousands of these not because it is a lipstick, but because every woman would love to be a QUEEN!


Marketing love,


DREAM Painted BOHO FEATHER Beach Stone by PaintMyselfPretty 4w
DREAM Painted BOHO FEATHER Beach Stone by PaintMyselfPretty

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